Here at BH Building we know that when you are looking to have a new driveway installed its not like buying a new television which you replace every few years - its something that you will hope to never replace again, that's why our driveways are built to last out of the best possible materials and we guarantee there will be no puddles or dips.

We use the best quality Marshalls products which come with a Marshalls backed guarantee which provides 10 years cover on products and 5 years cover on the installation for your peace of mind.  

Our award winning driveways are installed to the highest standards and always meet the UK paving regulations remember its not just the top layer that has to look amazing the foundations have to be perfect too or it just won't last.  

We always excavate to the required depths to allow a good solid foundation, we then concrete the edgings all the way around, next we lay a geo textile fabric over the surface to prevent weeds and stabilize the ground, then its time for the sub base and installation of manhole covers/drainage channels if applicable, next we level the area off, install sand - and its finally time to lay those precious block pavings, we then apply sand to the blocks along with a keybond solution and finally wash the whole of the area down including any windows or doors that have been affected by the installation and remove all waste.

Remember driveways do not have to be plain and boring, there are many features you can include, we usually install our trademark diamond banding at the front which all our customers love - but only if you wish! other options are circles, curves, different bands of colour and blocks, cobble stone edgings, squares, the possibilities are endless its all in the detail!

To see examples of our driveways please visit our driveways gallery page here.